Over the past four years, while on Council, I have addressed many serious issues and accomplished workable, realistic solutions that resulted in enduring improvements to our quality of life. Below are a few:

Climate Crisis:

  • Declared a Climate Emergency
  • End Off Shore Drilling
  • Successfully transitioned from the first CCA in San Diego to a regional CCA with 3 cites and expanded to a 7 city CCA (more expansion expected). I am the only Board member who has been on the Board since its beginning in 2018
  • Banned Single-Use Plastics
  • Require Building Electrification, Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure, battery storage infrastructure in all new and substantial remodels, and Solar panels on new Commercial Buildings
  • Banned lighter than air balloons
  • Banned flavored tobacco products
  • Opposed SDG&E proposal re: NEM 3.0
  • Implemented Organic Waste Recycling program to comply with SB 1383
  • Became a Monarch Butterfly Friendly city
  • Planted Pollinator park at La Colonia Park
  • Revised the Climate Action Plan’s Adaptation Plan and hired EPIC to update the Climate Action Plan
  • Successful Beach Sand Replenishment project and secured Federal funding for next 50 years for future sand replenishment projects
  • Continued design of Lomas Santa Fe Corridor to accommodate all modes of transportation
  • Supported update the La Colonia and Fletcher Cove Parks playground equipment

Promoted Affordable Housing:

  • Passed an ordinance that Developers must build 15% affordable units of any project of 5 or more units.
  • Encouraged Affordable Housing by limiting the size of housing units built under SB9
  • RFP for Affordable Housing at City owned parking lot on South Sierra Ave
  • Completed our Housing Element to accommodate required units
  • Worked with the County Office of Homeless Services to begin a Homeless Outreach Pilot program in Solana Beach to provide services to unsheltered individuals

Traffic Calming/Safety:

  • Supported “Safe Routes to School” for children
  • Supported more Crossing Guards for schools
  • Ordinance for procedure to place speed humps in neighborhoods and other traffic calming measures

City’s Fiscal Health:

  • The City’s Grand Total Reserves rose from 2018 to 2021 by approximately $2,000,000
  • Continued annual funding of the PARS Trust Fund for Pension & OPEB Liabilities

Support for Small Businesses:

  • Supported grants for small businesses
  • Supported outdoor dining permits that helped restaurants stay open during pandemic and extended them until the end of the year