• Kristi Becker for Solana Beach City Council District 2
    Kristi Becker for Solana Beach City Council District 2
  • Kristi Becker for Solana Beach City Council District 2
    Kristi Becker for Solana Beach City Council District 2

Like you, I care deeply about the future of Solana Beach. I was fortunate to grow up here, and moved back 11 years ago with my three children to make Solana Beach my forever home.

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I’m running for re-election because our City faces serious issues concerning development, environmental and fiscal sustainability.

I support sustainable progress — the kind that ensures land use decisions enhance our quality of life. Special interests are pursuing significant increases of density in our neighborhoods and commercial areas, and without added parking. They seek elimination of view protection and ending Council review of all development.

I will protect your right to have a voice in how our city develops, including your right to participate in Council’s evaluation of proposed development, protect our View Ordinance, and require adequate parking. I support realistic solutions to increase affordable housing, without incentivizing demolition of existing housing which displaces long-term residents.

From my experience as a trial lawyer for a large regional law firm and the San Diego County Counsel’s office, I have the proven ability to analyze complex issues, communicate clearly, and solve difficult problems. As a partner in a family-owned retail property business, my experience with finance and business operations brings an entrepreneurial perspective to decision making.

My history of community involvement includes serving on Solana Beach’s Climate Action Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, and recently as your Council member.

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Sustainable progress also means taking actions like we did the past four years while I served on Council. We protected the City’s financial health, adapting to the loss of revenues from the pandemic shutdown with precision budget cuts. We supported small businesses with pass-through grants, and restaurants by issuing temporary permits for outdoor dining.

To expand our beaches, we implemented a sand replenishment project and secured funding for future sand replenishment. We established policies for traffic calming measures to make our streets safer, and approved designs to improve the Lomas Santa Fe Drive Corridor enhancing safety for walking, biking, and driving.

To address the climate emergency, we required new construction to use electric water and space heating, solar panels, and electric vehicle charging.

These are the kind of smart solutions that actually work and result in enduring improvements to our quality of life.

Experience, qualifications, and values matter when determining how our City progresses and develops. I’m committed to obtaining the best outcomes for our City, and respectfully ask for your vote.